Neuria app, making a difference to the lives of patients impacted with Neurological disorders. Today with more than 675K users worldwide announced its partnership with CogniFit, a pioneering digital healthcare company dedicated to assessing and improving cognitive health.

Through this strategic partnership, Neuria and CogniFit aim to empower the patients by encouraging them to track and monitor their cognitive skills and give them more control in their journey.

About CogniFit

Get the most of your memory, concentration and other 22 cognitive skills

Unlocked the power of CogniFit to discover and address personal cognitive weaknesses and achieve remarkable mental performance

Cognitive Assessment

Test your abilities

Track 20+ cognitive skills
Real-time monitoring evolution
Professional tests
General Cognitive Assessment
65 & Over Cognitive Assessment
Deary-Liewald Task
Coordination Cognitive Asssessment
Academic Cognitive Assessment
Concentration Cognitive Assessment
Personalized Training
65 & Over
Cognitive Training

Train your brain

Personalized brain games
Advanced adaptive algorithms
Patented methodology

Cognitive Programs

Get dynamic training exercises based on your needs and performance

personalized results reporting

See your cognitive strengths, areas for improvement, and how your abilities improve over time with our brain games that constantly adapt to your unique profile.
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