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Neurological diseases are unfortunately incurable in the majority of cases. After the overwhelming diagnosis follows a new reality to which one must adapt. The NEURIA team’s mission is to make this rocky road as easy as possible for patients, family members and caregivers.

Our NEURIA app lets you get an overview, specific to the disease profile. You can search for experts, browse treatment options, and register for clinical trials.

Available this fall on Android and iOS.

How it works


Create your profile by simply answering questions about yourself and your diagnosis.

Fill in details such as severity, symptoms and age.
You can always skip questions you feel uncomfortable answering.


Find treatments that match your profile.

Based on the information you provided in the questionnaire, we will show only the treatments which are suitable for you. This includes medications used outside their marketing authorizations, so-called off-label medication.

Clinical Studies

Find out about ongoing clinical trials worldwide.

We show you details such as the clinical phases, test treatments and approval criteria of each respective study.
If you would like to participate in research, you can apply for study participation here.


Find a variety of experts with long standing experience in your area.

With the contact information shown, you can easily reach out to specialists.

Neuro Twin

Find your Neuro Twin.

You can connect with up to 3 people whose profiles are similar to yours.
Participate in each other’s journey, exchange ideas and get to know more of your twin in a private chat.
It is entirely up to you whether you want to activate this feature, share your profile, or remain anonymous.

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